Choose A Tea According To Your Blood Type! Which One Is Yours?

Tea is considered a healthy beverage, but its effect also depends on your blood type. Discover the teas that are “right for your blood type,” and help your body stay healthy.

Blood type 0

People who have blood type 0 are ‘meat’ types and should avoid milk and gluten. Although they cope well with stress, they are troubled by stomach acid. Teas that are recommended for people with this blood type are based on ginger, green tea, parsley, pomegranate, hops, bark elm, mulberry leaf, lime flower, dandelion, wild mint, dog rose.

Blood type A

These are very emotional and analytical persons, very prone to stress, which have persistently high values of the stress hormone cortisol. Although they do not mind the coffee, the need for a predominantly plant-based diet, meditation and yoga will be complete with everyday drinking of suitable tea. Teas for people with blood group A are Taiwanese Gunpowder green tea, tea of pure jasmine flower, a combination of silver jasmine and green tea Ying Hao, and a mixture of yarrow, calendula and thyme.

More teas: great burdock, white hawthorn, elm bark, wild rose, thistles, ginger, aloe, St. John’s wort.

Blood type B

Persons with blood type B usually have a slow metabolism, are prone to autoimmune diseases, weight gain, lethargy, chronic fatigue and irregular sleep. Have resistant digestive system, but a weak defense against bacteria, especially E. coli. You should drink green tea of ​​parsley, dandelion, mint, thyme, thyme.

Blood type AB

People with this blood type are intuitive, not prone to stress, but have decreased libido. You should focus on specific types of green tea and related preparations, mint, peony, sandalwood. Ideal choice of teas for them is a mix of superior green tea and mint. For men with blood group AB is especially recommended a mixture of nettle and mint.


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