Daughter Hilariously Illustrates Her Dad’s Ambivalent Relationship With Their Cat In 8 Honest Comics

Fulltime comic creator Akiro Tea’s life seems like a yin and yang. Last time, we covered illustrations she created while petsitting a dog but now it’s all about a feline. Akiro has shared a set of intimate strips about the relationship between her dad and his pet cat. It reveals their bond by offering glimpses into their everyday lives one panel at a time, and you’ll definitely feel like you know the two after you’re done scrolling.

These pieces are part of ‘Awkward Moments,’ an ongoing webcomic project that Akiro has been working on for a few years now. How she is able to find time for her site while simultaneously working on her commercial projects seems like a real mystery, but let’s hope she continues!

More info: webtoons | Instagram | tumblr









Here’s how the cat looks like in real life!

People really liked the comics:


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