Donald Glover reportedly AirDropped shoes to fans at Coachella

Donald Glover is taking over the world. He’s taking over your TV, with his show Atlanta, your radio, as Childish Gambino, and now, some lucky Coachella attendees’ phones—and their feet, Mashable reports.

On Friday, some festivalgoers reportedly received an AirDrop claiming to be from “Donald Glover”—aka Childish Gambino, who headlined the festival this year. While AirDrops from strangers don’t always turn out well, the lucky iPhone users who hit “accept” were rewarded.

Glover and Adidas have collaborated on a shoe design, and festival attendees who accepted the AirDrop were apparently able to cop a pair of the sneakers. They then had one hour to pick up the shoes, according to Mashable.

Screenshots show the initial AirDrop, which features a photo of the shoes—classic cream lace-ups with distressed seams and two-toned laces.

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Woke up to an airdrop from Gambino

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Although admittedly a unique marketing ploy, some Twitter users pointed out that the shoes—which haven’t been widely released yet—were only available to iPhone users and people who could afford to attend Coachella in the first place.

“Give them to me, a poor boy,” wrote @mattymcclelland.

The free shoes came with stipulations, though—festivalgoers who accepted the offer had to sign a contract stating that they would wear the shoes, attend the Childish Gambino set, and keep the shoes on for the remainder of the festival, according to Esquire

The Daily Dot reached out to Adidas for comment but did not receive a response by press time.

The shoe drop was only part Glover’s busy weekend; in addition to headlining the festival, he dropped a new film, Guava Island, starring Rihanna, on Saturday as well.

H/T Mashable


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