Guy Asks People To Share Unbelievable Things That Happened In Public And His Own Story Tops Everything

Time for some Monkey News folks! This story is an oldie but a goodie, originally shared by reddit user clanspanker around 5 years ago. He wanted to know “What is the most outlandish (hilarious, surprising) thing you have ever seen go down in public?” So he shared his own anecdote to get the ball rolling.

While his post prompted some awesome responses, none were able to top his own tale of simian savagery in the face of canine cajoling, hell hath no fury like a monkey provoked! The scene unfurled in front of clanspanker’s eyes at a truck stop, and quickly became what appeared to be an uneven duel between an aggressive rottweiler and a small monkey. The rottweiler, egged on by its douchebag owner, started the fight, but it was to be the monkey that ended it…

Scroll down below to the story out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

This story about a monkey and a rottweiler at a truck stop is still making people laugh, years after it was first shared

Image credits: Todd Money (not the actual photo)

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