How A 15-Year-Old Boy Built $56,000-A-Year Empire Selling Sweets And Soda In The Boys’ Bathroom

Kids these days are clearly aiming a lot higher than making a couple bucks at the lemonade stand. 15-year-old London schoolboy Nathan John-Baptiste went from selling a few chocolate bars out of the boys’ bathrooms to selling flats full of sweets and pop across 3 schools – and raking in over $1.2k a week doing it.

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The North Londoner, who has now been dubbed the ‘Wolf of Walthamstow,’ would post his daily ‘menu’ on Snapchat, take orders, and make the exchanges at lunch time each school day. By selling each product at only 50 pence (cents) a piece, a deep discount against store prices, he became innundated with customers, and started making upwards of £230 (~US$295) per day. Deluxe suits, lavish dinners out, and trips to the top of the Shard (the tallest building in the UK) have all become a part of Nathan’s lifestyle.

Had the entrepreneurial teen continued his operations, he would’ve brought in £43k (~US$56k) by the end of the school year, but his venture hit an unexpected setback. School staff found out about his burgeoning business – which, by then, was active in 3 schools with the help of 11 ’employees’ – and promptly put a stop to it. Though Nathan was discouraged, he still has his eye on millions in the future. “I would like to become a stock broker… And in property, 100 per cent,” he told the Daily Mail. You win some, you lose some, but at least this ‘Wolf’ has a winner’s ambition.


Meet Nathan John-Baptiste, a 15-year-old London schoolboy with a taste for success

Image credits: Nathan-John Baptiste

The young entrepreneur has been raking in almost $300 a day selling sweets and pop out of school bathrooms

Image credits: News Group Newspapers Ltd

He built his client base by posting daily ‘menus’ on Snapchat, selling store-bought goods at bargain prices

Image credits: Nathan-John Baptiste

Image credits: Daily Mail

The ‘Wolf of Walthamstow’ was on his way to making over $56k a year, until school staff shut him down

Image credits: News Group Newspapers Ltd

Though this venture didn’t work out, Nathan’s flair for the finer things in life drives him forward

Image credits: Nathan-John Baptiste

With million-dollar dreams of becoming a stock broker, his dinners at the Shard are sure to continue on

Image credits: Nathan-John Baptiste


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  • 20th August 2017 at 1:30 pm

    It is a truth that most of the planet’s news provision is controlled by right wing capitalists. Their purpose is to spread the virus of capitalism and increase the planet’s gap between rich and poor. Left Insider offers left wing news from reputable news sites like Left Futures, Red Pepper, Novara, The Canary, Buzz Feed, Left Foot Forward etc. We all have the right to fully exploit our own potential and we all have the obligation to assist others maximise theirs.


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