Human Trolls His Shiba Inu With All Excess Hair After Grooming, And The Way Dog’s Face Changes Is Hilarious

Meet Sumi, a remarkably cooperative Shiba Inu pup who doesn’t seem to mind her grooming sessions at all. We all have our limits though, don’t we?

Known for their thick, lush coat, Shiba’s do require regular grooming and tend to shed a lot of fur. You can see this for yourself from Sumi’s first post-grooming pic, and yes she does look rather pleased with herself! Many of us do after a nice haircut don’t we?

This is where her owner, aptly named imgur user sofuckingfabulous, decided to have a little fun. Arranging Sumi’s fur into different hairstyles, from the oopa-loompa to a more current version of a small orange man, poor Sumi becomes visibly more irritated with each ‘do. By the end you can tell what she is thinking: Such annoying, very enough already. Wow.

Scroll down below to check out Sumi and her various hairstyles, she is just the cutest. You can check out even more adorable pups looking sharp after a haircut in our previous post, if you need a further floofer fix!

Meet Sumi, a remarkably cooperative Shiba Inu pup who doesn’t seem to mind her grooming sessions at all

Until her owner decided to have a little fun


This one is called ‘The 80’s Rockstar’


Behold! ‘The Oompa Loompa’


And finally, ‘The fake news’


People reacted with delight to Sumi’s style







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