I Finally Visited Syria After Almost 10 Weeks Of Waiting For Visa, And It’s Very Different From What Media Tells Us

In October was I lucky to get granted a proper 10-day tourist visa after almost 10 weeks of waiting for the paperwork.

I was completely free to walk around the cities on my own. During my visit did I visit Damascus – Aleppo – Homs with the countryside and Tartous and the coast.

Yes, there´s destructions in Syria but A LOT less than excepted. I was even granted full access to inside Aleppo Citadel. Supermarkets are just as well stocked as in the west and people go partying in bars in the weekend.

More info: unusualtraveler.com

Umayyad Mosque, the 4th holiest place in Islam

Aleppo Citadel

Traditional moutain village

Local resturant in Damascus

From inside the main market in Damascus

A Tamer Hidi (juice) salesman at the streets of Damascus in Syria

locals on the street in Damascus

Locals partying in Damascus

Milkman on streets in Damascus

Art galleries are open all over Aleppo

rak des Chevaliers is a Crusader castle in Syria and one of the most important preserved medieval castles in the world it dates back to 1142

Supermarkets are well stocked like this

European cheese in the supermarkets

Aleppo Citadel

From inside Aleppo Citadel


Me from the top of Aleppo Citadel

A beautiful girl looking at her friend taking wedding photos

Locals on the streets

Solider giving me flowers

locals enjoying a local concert

Rebuilding have begun

From the old souq in Aleppo

Kids in east Aleppo

People are rebuilding their shops in Aleppo

A christian wedding in Damascus

Cleaning up have begun


Alcohol shops are everywhere

Remains of parts of the city

The reimans of the market in aleppo

Aleppo Trainstation

Local men


Shops are soon ready to open in the old Aleppo market



Not every solider are men


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