I Illustrate My Everyday Struggles With Anxiety And Depression In Mildly Amusing Comics

My name is George. I’m 21, currently a Finance student and an internal auditor. You might think “Wow that guy has his life figured out!”. Well, as much as I wish that was true – it’s not even close.

The only thing, however, that I’m certain of, is that I love drawing and expressing myself through art. I started sharing my comics with the world to see, as a way to vent my frustration from heartbreaks and letdowns.

Soon enough I started getting many encouraging and lovely messages from different people from all around the world. People just like me, with different but somehow similar stories. So from there, I figured that I can use my art as a way to show people that are going through difficult times, that they aren’t alone and that you should always try to take a laugh and see things from the brighter side.

All in all, if you’re dealing with something right now, I hope that my art makes you smile, even if it’s just for a bit.

PS: If you’d like to see more of my life, you can follow me by clicking the Instagram link below.

More info: Instagram

#1 Empty

#2 Sleeping

#3 Food Pics

#4 Being Single – Pros and Cons

#5 First Choice

#6 You have a sec?

#7 Wishlists

#8 “How’s Life?”

#9 The Ron Swanson of social gatherings

#10 Hide and seek

#11 In Pursuit of Happiness

#12 I suck at darts

#13 I really suck at darts

#14 Spaghetti

#15 Facebook

#16 “You changed!”

#17 Being C.U.T.E.

#18 Deep Dark Fears

#19 The Life of an Artist

#20 🙂

#21 Parties

#22 Paydays

#23 Cold Hearted Beer


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