Jeremy Corbyn backer hits out at “BREXIT VOTERS” over Grenfell Tower fire tragedy

Jeremy Corbyn backer hits out at BREXIT VOTERS over Grenfell Tower fire tragedy
A PROMINENT Jeremy Corbyn supporter has hit out at Brexit backers for “wanting less fire and safety regulations” following the Grenfell Tower disaster. Former Newsnight

correspondent and Channel 4 economics editor Paul Mason blasted those who want to “deregulate” during a rant on LBC.He called into the station and fumed at the “economic philosophy” of the past 25 years after at least 58 people were killed as a result of the fire

at the west London tower block.He said: “You’ve got to build in resilience and safety through regulation, people have got to constantly practice for disasters.“You’ve got to constantly ask ‘is this material we’re putting on the outside of this building the right

material?’ “Because, without wanting to anticipate the inquiry, it is pretty clear that the cladding had a role in the spread of the fire.“Now, in other words, we have to build in

safety and resilience into our society through the state.”He then took aim at those who backed the Leave campaign.“For 25 years, the economic philosophy has been for the

state to take a backseat, to deregulate, to step aside,” he said. “And we do know some of the people who advocated Brexit wanted there to be less fire and safety regulations in

buildings. I think that’s a goner now obviously.”The comments come after Theresa May faced criticism for her response to the tragedy. The Government has also faced criticism

over safety measures in place at the block of flats.Demonstrators stormed a town hall building demanding justice for the victims of the tragedy on Friday.Theresa May met families and volunteers at a nearby church and promised a £5million emergency fund for survivors.But scuffles broke out and police had to hold back the crowd outside St Clement’s Church in west London as the Prime Minister drove away.Later the crowd, many holding placards and chanting “May Must Go”, “Justice for Grenfell” and “Blood on Your Hands”, marched through Kensington towards Westminster..

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