Our goverment lets this happen SHAME ON THEM! if i am ever confronted with this type of RASCISIM i will not be relying on the police or courts to punish them. “We run this country” THIS the important word in that sentence not OUR.

When you think what the men and woman of this country done for us and died fighting for it, to hand to us our way of life. And our goverment today will jail you for burning a quran,but you can burn a bible thats ok! there is sharia law courts operating in this


country and they know about it,Muslims are being given separate schools separate lessons,refrence’s to Christianity are being removed incase they insult muslims the list

goes on and on and on. IT IS NOT RIGHT!!! THIS IS BRITAIN A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY NOT A MUSLIM COUNTRY We need to change our goverments our councilers our law’s the hole

lot needs changing there is no balance anymore these left liberal lunatics will destroy us if people dont wake up and vote for change!!. These rascist! Fascist! muslims will reep what

they sow I hope it happens in my liftime And history will judge the left liberal lunatics that is our goverment.

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