Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ lines up Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret

Every royal has its day. For the cast of Netflix‘s The Crown, that means being re-cast every two seasons over the six-season show, in order to cover the entirety of Queen Elizabeth II’s life, from her marriage to Prince Philip to her present-day reign.

On Friday, the Evening Standard reported that Helena Bonham Carter has “all but confirmed” she will play Elizabeth II’s sister Princess Margaret in the third season of The Crown, a character played by Vanessa Kirby for the first two seasons. While Carter was initially rumored to play Elizabeth II, Margaret, a “funnier and louche” woman compared to her older sister, appears to be a better fit for the actor.

Carter even has a personal connection to the real Margaret herself: The previous owner of her Oxfordshire home was Jane Stevens, Margaret’s former lady-in-waiting for more than 20 years and the godmother to her daughter Lady Sarah Chatto.

Olivia Colman will take over the role of Elizabeth II, while the role of Prince Philip has yet to be announced.

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