No, Obama didn’t win $21 playing HQ Trivia on Michelle’s birthday

Now that Barack Obama is out of a job, he’ll need a new form of income to pamper his wife, Michelle, on her birthday. What better way than to play the latest app craze, HQ Trivia?

Some users were convinced the former leader of the free world was among the 90 players to split a $2,000 prize during Wednesday’s 9pm HQ Trivia match.

I’m sorry to say that isn’t the case.

“President Obama is as competitive a trivia player as anybody, but he was celebrating his wife’s birthday last night with dinner and a play. In other words, not exactly the most conducive environment for gaming on a phone,” Katie Hill, the former president’s communications director, told People.

It was still fun imagining the 44th president sitting at a fancy restaurant with his phone out answering 12 questions as quickly as possible while the former first lady looked on in disbelief.

If you want to learn more about the addictive app, check out our explainer on HQ Trivia.

H/T People

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