People Are Applauding The Way This Woman Shut Down Jiffy Lube Employee That Was Harassing Her

The #MeToo movement was not just a 2018 fad, and despite the social strides from the previous year it’s going to take more than a Gillette ad to move some men in the right direction. One Twitter user proved just how important everyday lessons in accountability are when she posted an inappropriate text message exchange her sister had with an employee at Jiffy Lube. Instead of merely getting offended the woman took the opportunity to teach the man a lesson about harassment with one epic text message response. Scroll down below to see how the conversation played out and how she shut him down.

Image credits: Matt Krause (not the actual photo)

Image credits: LovableAndKind

The company responded to the thread

Image credits: jiffylub

And everyone else in the comments applauded her powerful response

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