PETA Uses Wooloo Pokemon To Stop People From Using Wool, Gets Roasted Badly

Not a long time has passed since the last PETA controversy but it seems that the organization is not keen on learning from its past mistakes. Just this April, Bored Panda wrote about their cringe-worthy attempt to stop people from drinking cow’s milk and earlier this year, the organization received huge backlash over their criticism of Steve Irwin. This time, it came under the spotlight for featuring a Pokemon Wooloo in their marketing campaign that’s speaking out against shearing sheep. It is not the first time the infamous animal rights organization has attempted to use videogame characters to push their agenda and to make a controversial statement. This time, PETA’s target is Pokémon Sword and Shield and its new sheep pocket monster Wooloo which was introduced during the most recent Pokémon Direct presentation. Judging from people’s reaction on Twitter, Pokemon fans are definitely not on board with PETA using Wooloo to push their agenda. In addition to this, many were quick to point out that the campaign is not only disgraceful – it is also spreading dangerous misinformation. PETA’s tweet featured Wooloo standing with a sign that says, “I’m not your Wooloo sweater,” suggesting that shearing sheep is animal cruelty. However, the majority of people who have a basic education understand that shearing domesticated sheep is necessary for their health. But who are we to tell PETA what’s right for animals?..

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