Raccoon scales 20 stories of office building, terrifies Twitter

An extremely brave (or extremely stupid) raccoon scaled a Minnesota building on Tuesday, shocking onlookers and sending Twitter into an anxious frenzy.

Photos on social media showed the little dude, dubbed #MPRRacoon by Minnesota Public Radio, scaling past St. Paul office windows. According to the Washington Post, the animal had at one point Tuesday afternoon paused on a ledge 20 stories off the ground.

It didn’t take long for reporters, Twitter, and the city of St. Paul to rally behind the creature. People had songs for the raccoon (to the tune of AC/DC).

And MPR made him the headline of the day.

Historical meetings between world leaders be damned.

The MPRRaccoon also became the source of anxiety for Twitter users Tuesday, as people feared for his safety and wondered how in heck he would ever get down.

Some suggested ways to save his life.

By Tuesday afternoon, the St. Paul Fire Department had paid a visit to the ledge-lounging raccoon. There was little firefighters could do from behind a sealed window, but cat food awaits the critter if (and when!) he’s able to get up there.

Of course, Twitter being Twitter, there’s already an account for the MPRRaccoon with a sassy, liberal voice.

It’s safe to assume at this point, the raccoon wants nothing more than to get safely home—and we’re rooting for him all the way there.


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