Report: Youth coaches wanted to hit 11-year-old girl in head so she’d quit baseball league

A man has accused two New Hampshire youth baseball coaches of conspiring to get his daughter to quit the league by hitting her in the head with a baseball.

Dan Klein said his 11-year-old daughter, the only girl in the baseball league, said he was told about a conversation two of the league’s coaches had with each other about a plan to bean the girl during practice so she’d leave her team.

According to his email to the league, Klein said one of the coaches told another coach during a preseason meeting that “if she ends up on my team I’ll have (the pitcher) bean her right in the ear hole and she’ll quit instantaneously.”

The Oyster River Youth Association director said the league was investigating the claims. Klein told the Fosters Daily Democrat that “I hope that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again, and that kids will be protected from this sort of language and be safe.”

Klein’s daughter has played baseball and T-ball since 2012, and he said there hadn’t been any intimidating incidents before. Klein also said that when she first began to play, she had multiple girl teammates, but gradually, many of them switched to softball, leaving his daughter by herself in the league.

Twitter was outraged by the story.

According to USA Today, Klein has no plans to pull his daughter from the league.

H/T USA Today

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