Republican’s campaign for Georgia governor includes ‘deportation bus’

A Republican running for governor in Georgia has incorporated a “deportation bus” into his campaign, and he says his intention is to round up undocumented immigrants in the grey vehicle.

Michael Williams introduced the bus in a campaign ad Tuesday, Vice reported, and he plans to drive it through three sanctuary cities, or municipalities that refuse to fully cooperate with federal immigration officials.

Although he doesn’t explain how he would have the authority to detain or deport people he believes are undocumented, Williams says the bus, which has “follow me to Mexico” written on the back, will be “filled with illegals.”

“We’re not just going to track ’em and watch ’em roam around our state,” Williams says in the ad. “We’re gonna put ’em on this bus, and send ’em home.”

Williams’ bus is also plastered with the words “murderers, rapists, kidnappers, child molestors [sic], and other criminals on board,” parroting President Donald Trump’s frequent, nonfactual talking point regarding immigrants.

As Vice notes, Williams’ campaign website says he’s a supporter of  287(g), a federal program that allows local and state cops to turn undocumented people over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement regardless of the nature of their arrest.

Williams, a state senator who co-chaired Trump’s Georgia campaign, also wants to preserve Confederate monuments and pass the “strongest pro-life legislation in the nation,” his website says.

The Hill reported that only 3 percent of Georgia voters supported him in a recent poll, but Williams seems to hope his racist ‘deportation bus’ will help swing voters come Republican primaries on May 22.


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