Sean Spicer horribly botches Rex Tillerson farewell tweet

President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson would be replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

And one former Trump official—who has a history of high-profile gaffes—couldn’t get off a farewell tweet without horribly fucking it up.

Tillerson has been accused of decimating the State Department and killing morale during his tenure. So maybe it’s actually accurate.

But the president himself had his own bad tweet. Most people couldn’t help but point out that just four months ago, Trump said it was “fake news” that his secretary of state would be “leaving soon.”


There were reports that Trump was considering replacing Tillerson with Pompeo late last year. While Trump called it “fake news” at the time, the news stories must have been onto something.

Of course, there were other tweets.

Some people also joked about Tillerson—who has close ties to Russia from his years at Exxon—and Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

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