Vaseline is a brand of petroleum jelly used in skin creams, lotions, soaps, deodorants and cleanser. The term Vaseline is often used as generic for petroleum jelly in many countries around the world. People most often use it for skin care on different parts of the body, but the jelly has many other uses many of us aren’t aware about.

For example, some women have managed to increase their breast size by rubbing Vaseline every day on their breast! The method is as follows – rub a bit of the jelly on your breasts and put toothpaste on your nipples every night before going to bed and you will soon be amazed by the results!

Here are other uses of Vaseline you probably didn’t know about:

  1. Rub Vaseline on your lips to make the luscious and essentially more kissable. This method is especially effective in fall and winter. Mixing a bit of the jelly with Kool-Aid powder will give you a nice flavored lip gloss.

  2. Rub some Vaseline on your eyelashes every day to make them thicker and richer.

  3. Use Vaseline on your dry and cracked elbows to soften the skin.

  4. Use the jelly on your cuticles to hydrate them and improve their appearance.

  5. Unlike popular opinion, Vaseline doesn’t clog pores. You can safely smear it all over your face and neck to soften the skin.

  6. Rub Vaseline on your perfume points to make the scent last longer.

  7. Rub a bit of Vaseline on your teeth to prevent lipstick smudges later.

  8. Apply some Vaseline under your eyes to achieve a glossy effect and boost your eyeshadow and blush.

  9. Rubbing Vaseline on the ends of your hair is a great and cheap way of hiding your split ends.

  10. Apply some Vaseline on your eyebrows to tame them and pluck them easier.

  11. Rub some Vaseline with a Q-tip on your face to remove last night’s makeup easily.

  12. When dyeing your hair, dab some Vaseline around your hairline in order to prevent the dye from seeping on your forehead.

  13. Rub some Vaseline on your shoes to make them shine like never before!

  14. Rub the jelly on your ankles, knees and hands to prevent spray-tan streaks.

  15. If you have makeup stains on your clothes that won’t go away, don’t worry – just rub some Vaseline with a wet cloth and they will come off easier.

  16. Mix some Vaseline and sea salt for a great exfoliating body wash.

  17. Use Vaseline to remove the false eyelash glue from your lashes.

  18. Rub Vaseline under the cap of a stuck nail polish bottle to open it with ease.

  19. Smear some Vaseline on your face and neck after shaving to soothe the irritation and make your skin soft.

  20. Lubricate your ear lobes with some Vaseline before inserting your ear rings to prevent irritation.


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