Tattoo Shops Refused To Make A Tattoo For This Guy With Autism, But He Didn’t Give Up And Has Just Got One

This is a story about Buzz chasing his dream. Buzz is a 23-year-old guy diagnosed with autism and he had wanted a tattoo for years. However, many of the parlors his mom took him to refused to ink him.

“As a child, he loved the fake ones and would freak out when they washed off,” Buzz’s mom Sandi Green told KTVU. She said her son repeatedly asked to get a real one, but she told him he’d have to wait until he was older. Green thought she’d make Buzz’s dream a reality during his 23rd birthday.

Even Buzz’s doctor supported the idea. But when Green started taking Buzz to local tattoo shops, they either turned them down or quoted very high prices. She said their reaction was understandable as her son stands 6’3″ tall and weighs 200 pounds, and it was unclear how he would react to the needle.

Image credits: Northwest Inkorporated

They continued their search, until meeting with Pat Masga at Northwest Inkorporated.

“When Buzz arrived he had a huge smile. From the moment I met him and that’s when I told myself that this tattoo is getting done – no matter what adjustments I have to make,” Masga said. “Whether it took me five hours or five sessions, I was willing to do it. He sat like a champ, didn’t complain or quit, and we did it!”

Buzz got Tommy from the 1990s Nickelodeon show “The Rugrats,” and he couldn’t be happier. Masga wrote a Facebook post about their encounter on his shop’s page, and it went viral, generating a whopping 377,000 likes and 165,000 shares

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Image credits: Northwest Inkorporated

Image credits: Northwest Inkorporated

Image credits: Northwest Inkorporated

Image credits: Northwest Inkorporated

People related to Buzz’s story in heartwarming ways


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