The Way This Asshole Client Bullied This Artist To Make A Halloween Costume For His Son Will Infuriate You

Halloween is coming, which means that parents need to be ready to respond to demanding kids who want the best and most elaborate costume for the big night. Back in the day, a bed sheet with a couple of holes cut out for eyes would usually do the trick. Not anymore. Halloween has taken on an increasingly competitive nature as kids and parents alike try to outdo each other on Instagram, and costumes are getting seriously expensive.

This parent, in a post shared by Imgur user Ashontez, is clearly feeling the pressure. Or perhaps he is just an asshole. Either way, the post clearly highlights the kinds of situations that people who work for commission regularly find themselves in, overworked and underappreciated by customers who expect personalized, custom made work done for them at factory prices. “All you do is sit at a computer,” the customer whines, as he is quoted $25 an hour to have an Optimus Prime costume designed and fitted for his son. “I’ll pay you for materials and that’s it!”

So what, you expect somebody to order in materials, design, size and print them to your exact specifications, but you only want to pay for the raw plastic sheets? Halloween is a glorious time of fun, socializing and creativity, but it sure can bring out the worst in people too, and not in a good ‘bad’ way.

Scroll down below to check out the exchange for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Imgur user Ashontez recently shared this experience with a nightmare customer

To prove the numbers weren’t pulled from thin air, the seller broke down the pricing

Here’s what people had to say


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