The White House should have thought harder about asking Twitter for pardon input

On Nov. 19, the official Twitter account for the White House sent out a survey asking November’s most important question: which turkey should be pardoned at this year’s National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning Ceremony? As usual, the White House presented two options: Peas or Carrots.

The White House quickly followed up the survey with another tweet giving vital background information on the turkeys, so that people could make an informed decision.

Hate Elvis? Then you don’t want to vote for Carrots, even though his gobble style is “strong and confident.” Peas, on the other hand, spends his time ice fishing—which seems difficult with wings—and dreaming of flight while listening to Brad Paisley.

And while the turkey pardoning is usually a cheeky, relaxed ceremony, because this White House is currently beset by scandals—from its treatment of CNN reporter Jim Acosta to a looming indictment of Donald Trump Jr.—Twitter was all over this one.

Many people took the chance to poke fun at the president and members of his administration, and his other children as well.

One Twitter user seized the opportunity to comment on the rampant voter suppression certain states experienced in the recent midterms, asking “y’all gonna make sure black people can’t vote on this too?”

And of course, some wondered about a potential “Peas Tape.”

trump turkey pardon


In the end, Peas won.

However, both turkeys will live out the rest of their days at Virginia Tech’s “Gobblers Rest” exhibit.

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