These high school theater kids put on a totally awesome ‘Alien’ play

The students at North Bergen High School in Hudson County, New Jersey, this week adapted sci-fi classic Alien for their spring play. Yes, the horror-heavy franchise about face-hugging monsters that impregnate astronauts and go on to kill most of them.

It was cool and ambitious—and this week’s pair of performances even featured a trailer for Alien: The Play.

The play reportedly follows the plot of the 1979 original, although the students reportedly added scenes and took some creative liberties with the plot. The students also say they built the costumes from recycled materials.

“Everything for the play is built from stuff found in the trash,” wrote one of the students apparently involved with the project on Reddit.

The infamous face-hugger scene, which propels the whole film into chaos once the spaceship becomes a haunted house in space, was recreated, too.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 63 percent of North Bergen students are considered “economically disadvantaged” and 90 percent of the students are minorities. According to the Verge, the production was a student-fundraised effort, which makes the realistic costumes and chilling atmosphere that much cooler.


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H/T the Verge

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