This meme illustrates the stark differences between men and women

If your Twitter feed is filled with people pointing out the stark differences between women and men, you’re not alone. A new meme floating around called “every woman I know” shows just how superior women are to men due to society’s impossible standards set for women.

Comedian and musician Lane Moore kicked off the meme by tweeting about the stereotypical beauty routine differences between the men and women in her life on Wednesday.

Moore hilariously exaggerated the disparity between the two, painting all women as masters of winged eyeliner and healthy habits, while men have barely evolved past 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. This is true, so much so that the latter is marketed almost exclusively to men.

Over 4,000 Twitter users liked the post and hundreds flooded the comments with how much they relate to Moore’s sentiment.

Several Twitter users began taking the “every woman I know” followed by “every man I know” format and adding their own relatable version of the dunk. It seems like every woman is an overachiever, while men are just “there.”

Of course, as is often the case with memes, people had their own ironic takes of the content.

For such a playful jab at both men and women, Moore’s tweet still managed to ruffle quite a few feathers on Twitter. Most notably from a man who still uses 3-in-1 and was confused by the joint toiletry slander.

Moore wrote that with her initial tweet, she wanted to illustrate how society expects so much from women while not expecting anything from men. After looking at all the people who had similar takes on the differences between men and women, it seems that Twitter agrees with her.


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