This phone case can make your coffee–and it’s as ridiculous as it seems

Coffee addicts, do I have some good news for you.

You actually don’t have to rush to your nearest cafe to get a fresh cup of coffee, because there is a phone case out there that will brew it just for you.

The phone case, known as Mokase, allows for a person to insert an expresso-filled cartridge into the side of the case. After the cartridge has been entered, a button is pressed that begins the coffee brewing process.

The battery in the case then heats up the expresso and voila, instant coffee.

It even comes with a collapsible, on-the-go cup.

The case, which retails for $54 dollars, is perfect for someone who is a caffeine-fueled busy person–especially since a new report found that drinking up to 25 cups a day isn’t actually all that bad for your health.

People on Twitter were less than impressed with the case. Most made fun of the concept, citing capitalism–which is back at it, yet again.

“Yes capitalism, this absolutely is the perfect product everyone needs. thank you innovation. Thank you,” Twitter user @MediaOffline wrote.

Others thought making a phone case that can heat up to 140 degrees is risky. Especially since phones have a history of exploding.

This is not the first time the phone case has garnered attention–it also made national headlines in 2017 for being so ridiculous.


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