This student’s ‘late for class’ dance is the stuff of legends

Nobody likes being late for class. It’s embarrassing to walk in past all of your classmates, who clearly have their lives together more than you, and enduring your professor’s dirty look isn’t going to make you feel any better.

One American literature professor has even cranked up the embarrassment level by requiring students to dance in front of everyone if they arrive to class late. But when student Brandon Goderich waltzed in tardy, he faced his punishment with as much grace and poise as he could muster.

Luckily for us, one of his classmates recorded the performance and posted it to Twitter. It’s now been viewed almost 10 million times.

People are in love with Goderich’s sweet dance moves, but it’s the stoic look on his face that really sells his routine.

Goderich, who yes, did get to pick his own song, was also happy to fill in his adoring public on some of the details of the story.

A lot of people also felt like Goderich’s lateness was no accident. At least, that’s how other people would have approached the tardy policy.

It also wasn’t the first time Goderich has had to perform for his class. Apparently, the same thing happened last week.

If he’s going to keep showing up late, maybe Goderich should consider dropping American Literature and taking a dance class instead. If he ever shows up late to that, we’ll make sure to update this article with the essay the instructor makes him write.

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