This woman ordered take-out just so the delivery guy could take care of her spider problem

Arachnids are essential to our ecosystem and contribute numerous benefits to humans. For instance, spiders feed on common household pests such as mosquitoes and roaches—not to mention they prevent insects from decimating our agriculture, providing a 100 percent natural, chemical-free pest control service. Additionally, spiders generally don’t want to harm people and mostly just want to be left alone.

And sure, that’s all well and good to tell ourselves until the irrational part of our brain kicks in to remind us that eight legs is definitely way too many and why, for the love of everything holy, do they have that many eyes? As a result, millions of people experience arachnophobia, sometimes to a crippling degree—such as this woman named Demi (@demiswn) from the U.K. who ordered take-out just so the delivery person would help her remove a spider from her home.

“My fear of spiders was taken to a whole new level today,” she wrote on Twitter last week, along with the message she sent to Deliveroo (the British equivalent of Grubhub or Caviar)  requesting that the driver help her out.

Deliveroo suggested that she take her request to the “delivery note” section of the app, with the contingency that the driver might be even more afraid of spiders than she is. Thankfully, “Joe” from Deliveroo was able to come to her rescue and the day was saved.

The only problem now is what’s going to happen next time she finds a spider? “I think it may get a little expensive,” she admitted, when asked if she planned to order delivery every time she needs an emergency spider removal.

Eh, if we’re being honest, paying that fee seems perfectly reasonable,.


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