Tomi Lahren loves Taylor Swift’s new song

In an unsurprising tweet, Tomi Lahren on Wednesday revealed that she’s a fan of the new Taylor Swift single “Look What You Made Me Do.” Swift’s first song since 2014 has been praised and insulted across social media, while many music critics are giving it a thumbs down. But apparently Lahren is here for it.

Lahren just signed on to do a new segment on Fox News called “Final Thoughts.” Perhaps Lahren relates to the new track, and is subtly referencing her former boss Glenn Beck. Beck left Fox News on bad terms in 2011 and moved on to work fully on his own media company the Blaze, where Lahren hosted a news show. Lahren was let go by Beck in March, but just found a new home for her anti-snowflake rhetoric at Beck’s former network. Look what you made her do, Glenn.

She could, of course, just really like the song.

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