Trans people are sharing their experiences with #TransLooksLikeThis

A Twitter hashtag that’s gone viral is helping people in the transgender community from various backgrounds share their personal stories, while many are pointing out the various kinds of discrimination they face.

Twitter user @wondyful started the hashtag #TransLooksLikeThis on Wednesday, bringing to light the discrimination some face for not being “trans enough,” not having top surgery or being on hormone therapy, or “passing” as their preferred gender. 

While trans visibility has increased significantly over the past few years, the scope is limited, as the hashtag points out.

The hashtag inspired many to share their own stories on Twitter.

It also revealed the intersectionality of race, class, age, and body positivity in the trans community.

Some are using the hashtag to share their journeys and teach us a thing or two about self-love.

And a trans family shared a photo with their babies, giving us hope for the future. 

The hashtag comes in a week of trans visibility on a national scale, with Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-Virg.) putting up the trans flag outside her office within hours of being sworn into Congress.


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