Wife Illustrates What Happened To Her Husband After Having Kids, Shows It’s Not Only Moms That Change

One of the biggest joys in life is to create a family and become a parent. And even though by now most of us understand that being a parent is not as beautiful as it seems, it’s impossible to understand the struggles of having kids until you actually have them. So, Weng Chen, an illustrator that goes by the name The Messycow, has decided to draw entertaining illustration series that show how her husband has changed after he became a parent himself.

From having zero privacy even in the bathroom to dedicating your whole life to support your family, some dads do not have it easy. And since father’s day has just passed, it’s time to show that dads work really hard too and that we should appreciate them.

Scroll down to see these lovely illustrations yourself!

More info: The MessyCow

Chen Weng in an illustrator who decided to portray how her husband has changed after he became a father

Image credits: Chen Weng












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