You can watch DC Universe’s acclaimed original shows for free

To give you a chance to try DC Universe‘s shows without buying a subscription, DC is making some episodes available for free.

Since DC Universe includes less exclusive content than Netflix or Hulu, it makes sense to offer this kind of taster deal. It also doesn’t involve any kind of registration—you can just go to the DC Universe website and watch the first episodes Titans, Doom Patrol and Young Justice. Then you can decide whether it’s worth subscribing to pay for the rest.

Titans is a gritty live-action reboot of the Teen Titans team, Doom Patrol stars a cast of oddball superheroes like Robotman and Elasti-Woman, and Young Justice is the DC Universe’s first animated series, reviving the cult favorite Cartoon Network show. The offer lasts until March 29 and is only available in the U.S.

At the moment, DC Universe includes a library of DC comics and preexisting shows and movies. The new shows are being added more gradually, with a live-action Swamp Thing and an adult animated Harley Quinn series on the way. Although Young Justice is family-friendly, the rest of the originals are aimed at adults, with Titans featuring some pretty intense violence while Doom Patrol aims to be much weirder than your average superhero team drama.


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